Children’s Volunteers

We are in need of children’s volunteers. If you are interested in leading, please email Susan Bounds for more information.

Wednesday Nights- 6:00-7:00 p.m.-  August-May

Going on each Wednesday- Come Join the Fun!

 Amy Clolinger and Jennifer Updegraff

Elementary Classes
K, 1st, and 2nd Grades: Cachet Brown and Jennifer Fairchild
3rd and 4th Grades: Meghan Shepherd and Samantha Slick

Assistant:  Wendy Gay

PTYBilly and Jennifer Carr

Music: Susan Bounds and Alison Holder

August-October: Going on a Cave Quest to be Light for Jesus

October-December: Preparing for Living Nativity

January-May- Music and Games

Music: 6-6:30

Small Groups: 6:30-7


2016 Children’s Volunteers Sunday Morning Volunteers

Sunday School- 9:20

Preschool-Grade 4- One Room Sunday School

Jan,April,July, Oct – Alison Holder and Wendy Runnels 

Feb, May, Aug, Nov- Leigh Ann Thoms

March, June, Sept, Dec- Dawson Wilkerson


PTY (5th & 6th)

Jay Cooley

Children’s Church Leaders and Helpers  10:40 service

2&3 yr olds– 6-10 children

Jan, April, July, Oct- Michelle Flores/HelperKylee Flores

Feb, May, Aug, NovLisa Cooley/Helper-Macy Eaton

March, June, Sept, Dec -Shelley Thrash/Helper-Jake and Jenna Przysucha (Rebecca)

4’s (PreK)- 5-8 children

Jan, April, July, Oct-Jay Estes/Helper-Kim Jarrell 

Feb, May, Aug, Nov- Bo Worley/Helper-Andrew Worley (Bo)

March, June, Sept, Dec – Katie Charleville/Helper Lily Wicktom  (Holly)

5’s/K-  6-9 children

Jan- Buffy Morris (Jan.)   April, July, Oct- Ashley Ladner/Helper- Haley Ladner

Feb, May, Aug, Nov- Shawn Wigley /HelperJohn Patrick Wigley & Joseph Fusco  (Stephanie)

Mar, June, Sept, Dec Samantha Andrus/Helper-Colleen Pratt (Kristin)

1st grade-  5-8 children

Jan, April, July, Oct- Jennifer Martin/Helper-Caroline Decker

Feb, May, Aug, Nov-Cachet Brown/Helper-

March, June, Sept, Dec – David Bounds/Helper-Peyton Rowell (Shari)

2nd grade 7-12 children

Jan, April, July, Oct- Jennifer Carr/Helper- Billy Carr

Feb, May, Aug, Nov- Rhonda Lamb/Helper-______________________

March, June, Sept, Dec – Rebecca Przysucha/Helper John Przysucha

3rd grade  7-12 children

Jan, April, July, Oct- Jerry Robinett/Helper-Ashley Novak and Sean Novak

Feb, May, Aug, Nov-David Williams/Helper-Shari Rowell 

March, June, Sept, Dec -Tammy Cooley /Helper-_____________________

4th grade  (This class will begin August)

Oct- Chelle Webb  /Helper-_______________________

Aug, Nov- Susan Bounds/Helper-__________________

Sept, Dec – Lonny Schraeder/Helper-___________________