Frequently Asked Questions

What type of church is Asbury? 

Asbury is different type of church.  We don’t really fit into any neat box.  We are made of up all kinds of people from all kinds of places. There are Baptists and Methodists and Catholics and Pentecostals , believers and seekers, and all kinds of folks that worship with us here at Asbury.  Our theological differences are not important; our belief in Jesus Christ is what matters.

John Wesley once said, “If your heart has been warmed as my heart has, then give me your hand.”  That’s who we are at Asbury. We just want to Know Jesus and Know Jesus Better, and we’ve got a place for you here.

What should I expect when I get there? 

A friendly smile and a good cup of coffee.  You’ll find all kinds of people here, all with one goal — to know Jesus.

Do I have to dress up? 

Not at all.  Asbury is a come-as-you-are type of church.  Some folks wear blue jeans, others khakis, some wear shorts; some dress up, others dress down.  In the end, what matters is the heart, so come just as you are!

What about my kids? 

There are kids small groups that meet at 9:20 on Sunday mornings, and then during our 10:40 worship service, our kids are dismissed to go to Kid’s Way His Way, Asbury’s children’s ministry.  In this setting they will have their own worship service, as well as a time for of Bible study! We love kids here at Asbury and we will make sure they are loved on!

Are there any groups I can be a part of? 

Yes, we have groups that meet on campus at 9:20 on Sunday mornings and during the school year on Wednesdays at 6:00 p.m.  We have off campus groups that meet throughout the year.  You can see what groups are currently meeting and learn how to plug in by visiting our Small Group‘s page.