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  DON’T FORGET  We collect cans for Brandi’s Hope! They take aluminum soda cans and cans from canned goods, like vegetables.  A recycling box can be found in the Youth Building, next to the Coke machine.  Brandi’s Hope is a Community Services organization fof those with special needs.  They operate several homes in the Petal area, including a day home on Herrington Road.  Please support them with your cans!



PARENTS OF INFANTS AND TODDLERS:  Please label all diaper bags, bottles, etc., for your child in the nursery.  If necessary, labels will be available at the church as well.


THANK YOU, ASBURY!  Your church staff would like to thank, well, just EVERYONE who has served Asbury Church in 2017!  What a year it has been!  We love our church and our people. We thank God for each and every one of you, and we are honored as a staff to lead and to serve alongside you.

Jonathan, Kristina, Brian, Kelly, Susan, Taylor & Kristin



MEETINGS THIS WEEK   There are no meetings this week.

Sunday — Luke 2:8-14
Monday — Mark 13:1-13
Tuesday — Luke 21:25-36
Wednesday — Revelation 1:1-8
Thursday — John 1:14-18
Friday — Ezekiel 34:11-16
Saturday — Acts 1:1-11

See this Sunday’s bulletin for more information on upcoming events at our church.  You may also view the bulletin online at

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 17th            
8:20 am              Early Worship Visioning & Planning Meeting
9:30 am              PTY / Youth Sunday School
9:30 am              Children’s Missional Communities
9:30 am              Adult Missional Communities
10:40 am              ONE WORSHIP SERVICE (Sanctuary)
10:40 am              Kid’s Way His Way
5:30 pm              Missional Community Host Gathering

5:15 pm              NO Family Dinner
5:30 pm              NO Youth Worship
6:00 pm              NO Children’s Activities
6:00 pm              NO Adult Bible Study / Missional Communities