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Sermon Series continues . . .

Confirmation this Sunday!

  DON’T FORGET  We collect cans for Brandi’s Hope! They take aluminum soda cans and cans from canned goods, like vegetables.  A recycling box can be found in the Youth Building, next to the Coke machine.  Brandi’s Hope is a Community Services organization for those with special needs.  They operate several homes in the Petal area, including a day home on Herrington Road.  Please support them with your cans!

PARENTS OF INFANTS AND TODDLERS: Please label all diaper bags, bottles, etc., for your child in the nursery.  If necessary, labels will be available at the church as well.


MEETINGS THIS WEEK   The Board of Trustees will meet at 12:15 pm this Sunday in the Fellowship Hall.  The SPRC will meet at 1:15 pm this Sunday in the Conference Room.  The Finance Team will meet at 2:30 pm this Sunday in the Conference Room.  The Executive Council will meet at 4:00 pm this Sunday in the Fellowship Hall.

Sunday — Matthew 8:21-22
Monday — Philippians 3:8-16
Tuesday — 1 Timothy 6:3-19
Wednesday — Matthew 7:1-14
Thursday — Ephesians 4:1-8
Friday — Luke 12:22-32
Saturday — 1 Thessalonians 4:1-8

See this Sunday’s bulletin for more information on upcoming events at our church.  You may also view the bulletin online at

8:20 am           WORSHIP SERVICE (Youth Building)
9:30 am           PTY / Youth Sunday School / Confirmation
9:30 am           Children’s Missional Communities
9:30 am           Adult Missional Communities
10:40 am           WORSHIP SERVICE (Sanctuary)
10:40 am           Kid’s Way His Way
12:15 pm            BOT Meeting
1:15 pm             SPRC Meeting
2:30 pm           Finance Team Meeting
4:00 pm           Executive Council Meeting
7:30 pm           College / Young Adult Missional Community

Ash Wednesday / Valentine’s Day
5:15 pm            Family Dinner
6:00 pm           Ash Wednesday Service / Imposition of Ashes
  Family worship; no children’s activities.  Nursery is available for
                                  children ages 4 and under.