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Join us on Sundays for Pastor’s Kurt’s Lenten series:

Join Brian Hinnant @ 6:00 pm on Wednesday nights during Lent:


  JOIN A MISSIONAL COMMUNITY!  Missional Communities are
an important way to grow deeper in your relationship with Christ!
There are many opportunities to join a missional community at
Asbury.  Ask one of our coaches about joining a group today;
someone is always in the Narthex to help you!  See Ben Bullock,
Brian Hinnant, Sherri Reid, Scott Tyson or Brenda Wilkerson for
more information, and join a missional community today!


   ASBURY YOUTH  All four Youth Missional Communities will
now meet on campus at the Asbury Church Youth Building.
Time remains the same: 5:30 – 7:00 pm.  We will meet
together in a large group and have snacks and fun, then
we’ll break into our smaller communties by grade and gender.



PARENTS OF INFANTS AND TODDLERS:  Please label all diaper bags, bottles, etc., for your child in the nursery.  If necessary, labels will be available at the church as well.


 DON’T FORGET  We are still collecting cans for Brandi’s Hope! A recycling box  can be found in the Youth Building, next to the Coke machine.

MEETINGS THIS WEEK   The VBS Planning team will be meeting at 5:00 pm this Sunday, March 26, in the Admin building.  Anyone who would like to help is welcome to attend!

Sunday — John 9:1-41
Monday — Deuteronomy 30:15-20
Tuesday — Joshua 24:14-28;
Wednesday — Hebrews 2:1-18;
Thursday — Philemon 8-21
Friday — Colossians 3:1-17;
Saturday — Romans 12

See this Sunday’s bulletin for more information on upcoming events at our church.  You may also view the bulletin online at

8:20 am         WORSHIP SERVICE (Youth Building)
9:30 am         Youth Sunday School
9:30 am         Children’s /PTY Small Groups
9:30 am         Adult Missional Communities
10:40 am         WORSHIP SERVICE (Sanctuary)
10:40 am         Children’s Church—Kid’s Way His Way
5:00 pm         VBS Planning Meeting
5:30 pm         Youth Missional Communities (@ Asbury)
7:30 pm         College/Young Adult Missional Community

5:15 pm         Family Dinner
6:00 pm         Youth Worship
6:00 pm         Children’s Rotation Stations
6:00 pm         5 Nights of (Biblical) Fasting with Brian Hinnant
6:00 pm         Adult Missional Communities