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The Petal Children’s Task Force is a community outreach program. They are housed in Asbury’s Lighthouse facility on South George Street and Asbury Church has partnered with them for the last 5 years, supporting their ministry by providing a physical establishment from which to operate, plus financial support to help pay their bills.  We also partner with them at Thanksgiving and Christmas to provide JUST JELLY for food boxes.  (They have plenty of Peanut Butter right now.  Praise!)

On average, the Task Force provides assistance more than 500 times a year to children and families in our community. This assistance is given in the form of food, clothes, school supplies, and medical help. One of their annual projects is the “Thanksgiving Basket.” At Thanksgiving, enough food is furnished for a traditional holiday meal for 150 families. We also provide extra food in these baskets because the children are out of school for a week and are not receiving school meals.

Asbury Church is asked each year to provide 150 jars of JUST JELLY for the Thanksgiving boxes! Please bring your donation to the church no later than Sunday, November 19, so they can be delivered to the Task Force for Thanksgiving week.

It is the Task Force’s daily prayer that no child in Petal will ever go to bed hungry.

THIS SUNDAY @ 9:30!!!


  DON’T FORGET  We are still collecting cans for Brandi’s Hope! They take    aluminum soda cans and cans from canned goods, like vegetables.  A recycling box can be found in the Youth Building, next to the Coke machine.  Brandi’s Hope is a Community Services organization for those with special needs.  They operate several homes in the Petal area, including a day home on Herrington Road.  Please support them with your cans!






Family Advent Celebration: Expecting a Miracle
Advent by the Nativity Scene

All families are invited to join us at 4:00 pm on Sunday, November 26th, for an Advent Celebration to create a nativity scene for your home.  Each Sunday during Advent, a piece will be added to your nativity to focus on how it plays a part in the story of the birth of Jesus.  Your family will have weekly scripture readings and simple prayers that can help you find new ways to make this season of Advent a time of prayerful preparation, mercy, joy, and expectation.  This is an RSVP event only.  Mrs. Susan must know by Sunday, November 19, if you plan to attend so we will have enough materials.


PARENTS OF INFANTS AND TODDLERS: Please label all diaper bags, bottles, etc., for your child in the nursery.  If necessary, labels will be available at the church as well.

MEETINGS THIS WEEK   There are no meetings this week.

Sunday — Hebrews 11:8-12
Monday Luke 12:35-59
Tuesday — Hebrews 11:32-12:2
Wednesday — 1 Peter 1:3-9
Thursday — Acts 17:16-34
Friday — John 11:1-44
Saturday — 1 Corinthians 15:51-58

See this Sunday’s bulletin for more information on upcoming events at our church.  You may also view the bulletin online at

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 12th                
Blessing of the OCC Shoeboxes
8:20 am              WORSHIP SERVICE (Youth Building)
9:30 am              PTY / Youth Sunday School
9:30 am              Children’s Missional Communities
9:30 am              Adult Missional Communities
10:40 am              WORSHIP SERVICE (Sanctuary)
10:40 am              Kid’s Way His Way — Children’s Church
7:30 pm              College / Young Adult Missional Community

5:15 pm              Family Dinner
6:00 pm              Youth Worship
6:00 pm              Children’s Activities
6:00 pm              Adult Missional Communities