Prayer Concerns



Individuals struggling with illnesses and other concerns:

Adam Shepherd who is having MS-related issues.

Gloria Simmons, mother of Lane Simmons, who had hip replacement surgery recently.

Jennifer Glenn, who is recovering from surgery at home.

Chuck Harrell, who continues to recover at home from hip replacement surgery.

Myra McGuinness, grandmother of Jamie Bullock, who has C-Diff and also pneumonia.

David Sides, friend of Pat Milligan, who is recovering from heart surgery.

Emily Smith, daughter of Pat & Judy Milligan’s nephew.

Steve Hyden, who has pneumonia and had a diabetic related incident.  He remains at FGH.

Shirley Lucas, mother of Sheila Eaton, who is back at Wesley due to complications with a procedure.

Unspoken requests:  Please pray for individuals and families who are struggling with health or financial crises.

On-going prayer concerns:  Velma Welborn, Jessie Carter, Jonathan Mulling, Genna Robinson, Lori Weekley, Jim White, Shirley Spencer, Amanda Brannon, Larry Welborn, Floyd & Pam Farmer, Clancy Garner, Mercedes McMurtry, Mary
Peterson, Elsie Read, Tammy Rhodes, Clay Clark, Hayley Tyree, J.B. & Bobbie White, Ruth Reed, Lisa Pytleski, Marty Van Deusen, Peanut & Dicy Breland, Wayne Houston, Dixie Wilkerson, Eleanor Evans, Randy Smith, Burchett Griggs, Shane Stanford.

Our servicemen and their families, serving around the world:  Zach Parham, Justin Henry, Greg Magee, Blake Newsome, Rob Howse, John Windham,  Jonathan Wilkinson.

Peace in the Middle East.