Prayer Concerns

Individuals struggling with illnesses and other concerns:

Jonathan & Kristina Crabtree as they transition into pastoral leadership here at Asbury Church in July.

Clay Clark, nephew of Sonja Hopper, who had a serious fall 2 years ago and just now had hip replacement surgery as a result.

Faye Kranz, mother of Pam Swilley, whose cancer has returned and she is resuming treatment.

J.B. White, father of Susan Bounds, who is recovering from surgery.

Sheila Eaton, who is recovering from surgery.

Ronnie Milliet, who is recovering from open heart surgery.

Hayley Tyree, daughter of Jack & Lisa Pytleski, who is involved in unhealthy drug practices and needs to come back to the Lord.

Tommy Dukes, friend of the Weekleys, who is recovering from surgery to remove a large tumor from his stomach.

Ruth Reed, Hope Mikell’s mother, who is recovering from pneumonia.

Lorraine Dove, Kim Dove’s mother, who is recovering for a second heart surgery.

Unspoken requests:  Please pray for individuals and families who are struggling with health or financial crises.

On-going prayer concerns:  Emilie Campbell, Virginia Scorsone, Lisa Pytleski, Marty Van Deusen, Shelley McKee, Buck Clark, Billy Greenhill, Bill Corley, Kristyn Edmonds, Donielle Koss, Lorraine Dove, , Mickie Anglin, Dicy Breland, Wayne Houston, Noelle Carter, Mickey Smith, Mary Peterson, Chris Roberts, Peanut Breland, Dixie Wilkerson, Eleanor Evans, Warren Elsner, George Kane, Chris Paul, John Harrison Doucet, James Wilkinson, Baby Lena Lowery, James Windham, Randy Smith, Amanda Brannon, Burchett Griggs, Shane Stanford.

Our servicemen and their families, serving around the world:  Justin Henry, Greg Magee, Blake Newsome, Rob Howse, John Branning, Zack Parham, John Windham, Jonathan Wilkinson.

Peace in the Middle East.