Prayer Concerns

Individuals struggling with illnesses and other concerns:

Family & friends of Faye Kranz, mother of Pam Swilley, who passed away last week.

Randy Robinett, who is recovering from knee surgery.

Lisa Cooley, who is recovering from benign facial tumor removal surgery.

Donnie Taylor, co-worker of Matthew Pratt, who had low sodium-related seizures this week and doctors don’t know why.

Mercedes McMurtry, cirrhosis of the liver (non-alcoholic), 10 y/o daughter of Jason McMurtry, friend of Kristyn Edmonds. She is currently undergoing treatment at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital in TN.

Donielle Koss, whose Acute Myeloid Leukemia is no longer in remission.  She also has been diagnosed with Leukemia Cutis.  Her treatment has changed due to insurance issues.  She remains at Oschner’s.

Teresa Hollimon, Brian Hollimon’s mother, who is on hospice and not doing well.

Amanda Brannon, who suffers from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.  Her experimental treatment has been postponed due to insurance issues.

Clancy Garner, step-brother of Peri Stewart, who is terminally ill.  He and his family need prayer.

Unspoken requests:  Please pray for individuals and families who are struggling with health or financial crises.

On-going prayer concerns:  Mary Peterson, John & Elsie Read, Tammy Rhodes, Clay Clark, Hayley Tyree, J.B.White, Tommy Dukes, Ruth Reed, Lorraine Dove, Emilie Campbell, Lisa Pytleski, Marty Van Deusen, Kristyn Edmonds, Dicy Breland, Wayne Houston, Peanut Breland, Dixie Wilkerson, Eleanor Evans, Warren Elsner, Randy Smith, Burchett Griggs, Shane Stanford.

Our servicemen and their families, serving around the world:  Justin Henry, Greg Magee, Blake Newsome, Rob Howse, John Windham, Jonathan Wilkinson.

Peace in the Middle East.