Prayer Concerns


Individuals struggling with illnesses and other concerns:

Shirley Spencer, sister of Ivette Johnson, who has Parkinson’s disease.  She fell recently and broke her nose and a rib, and as a result of tests from the fall, multiple masses have been found.

Travis Darby, friend of many, who has been diagnosed with Stage 4 esophageal cancer.  Travis has a wife and two sons in Petal schools.

All those affected by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria & Nate, plus the wildfires in California.

Amanda Brannon, who suffers from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.  She had a stem cell harvest and treatment recently.

Unspoken requests:  Please pray for individuals and families who are struggling with health or financial crises.

On-going prayer concerns:  Ray Barnett, Larry Welborn, Pam Farmer, Donnie Taylor, Clancy Garner, Mercedes McMurtry, Mary Peterson, John & Elsie Read, Tammy Rhodes, Clay Clark, Hayley Tyree, J.B. & Bobbie White, Ruth Reed, Lisa Pytleski, Marty Van Deusen, Peanut & Dicy Breland, Wayne Houston, Dixie Wilkerson, Eleanor Evans, Randy Smith, Burchett Griggs, Shane Stanford.

Our servicemen and their families, serving around the world:  Justin Henry, Greg Magee, Blake Newsome, Rob Howse, John Windham, Jonathan Wilkinson.

Peace in the Middle East.